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HOLD on the vacation. I think I’m going to start officially saving up for this purse. I saw it at Kitson yesterday for about $350 and just couldn’t justify it as an impulse buy. It’s gotta be under $100 to be “impulse” in my opinion. BUT, damn is this nice. I love the quilted material […]

Just as stripes are the new black, clutches are the new purses. Yes, they can be a little tedious to carry when you’re on a night out with the girls, but they sure do liven up any ‘ol kind of outfit. I would love to have any one of these… absolutely brilliant. Yes, please! (Click […]

With summer headed here in full-speed, I am beginning to update my wardrobe. And obviously the other most important thing in my wardrobe is a purse. I’m looking for a cross-body purse so I’m hands-free this summer, but can’t find out that is small enough, but can still hold my essentials and leather is pretty […]

I have a sweet spot for Neiman Marcus’ shoes and purses. Yes, sadly I spend a lot of my time online window shopping for things that I can’t afford (yet!) They have such a great selection of the most sophisticated chic purses that it’s almost an addiction. One day, I’m going to leisurely walk through […]

Who doesn’t love purses? Not me, that’s for sure. I am always searching for the most stylish and unique purse out there. Bluefly is one of my new favorite sites for just that (and also designer clothing). They have tons of designer purses on sale! What more could a girl want? And they’re doing a […]

I’ve always been obsessed with gold… (and pink).. but I was browsing the Coach store and I saw a few clutches that are literally to die for… or maybe to buy for. I dunno, you decide.

After owning so many over the shoulder handbags and being in many situations where they just keep falling off my shoulder, I’ve decided in becoming more practical for my everyday handbag use. Fossil has so many crossbody purses that keep you in style while being hands free. Plus check out the many pockets for all […]

I just got this handmade purse by Indie Designers, 31 Corn Lane. It’s a small company started by 3 sisters and   they make these adorable purses, totes and wallets. Inside, they are lined with bright eclectic material. I love this purse! Check below for an interview they did on [youtube=]

I think I need a new tote bag for the summer. Plain and simple. After regretfully buying many cheap $20 tote bags, I’ve finally come to the realization that I want a tote bag that’s soft, has a lot of pockets, fun and bright and has straps that are long enough to fit my arm […]