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Brown Hair for Fall?
For as long as I can remember, my hair has been all sorts of different colors. When I was in college, it was light brown with blonde streaks, then post college it was brown with blonde/brown streaks. For the last few years It's had a red hue to it... almost red, I should say. Well. I'm kind of ready to ...more»
Winter in Los Angeles: Celebrities!
I live in Los Angeles and although we have things like the beach and Hollywood, there is one thing that we do not get. Seasons. Therefore, when it's in the dead of winter, it's still 60 degrees out... 70 if you're lucky. Us Los Angeleans still, too, want to participate in the boots, jackets, scarfs, like everyone else around the ...more»
Rachel Bilson’s Many Hairstyles… Which do you like best?
Rachel Bilson is no doubt a fashion icon. She's brought back the Wayfarer trend and now she's rockin' two toned hair. Now usually when someone has two-toned hair its probably because they were too lazy to go back to their hairstylist and get their hair re-dyed. Hell... even Drew Barrymore has signed on to this trend. And, lucky for you ...more»
Two-Toned (Multi-colored) Hair…. ummmm
What do you think of this hair? I’ll tell you what I think. It looks lazy. It’s like they just don’t care about touching up their roots. I admit, I’ve been a victim to two-toned hair before, but mine was obviously done on purpose. Drew’s hair actually looked like she just let it grow out. I’m ...more»
And The Best Hair Award Goes To….
Rachel Bilson! Not only is her hair perfect, but those semi-curl/waves make it look so effortless. How does one get hair like that? A-mazing! Runner up? Taylor Swift. Fabulous curls and no frizz... I would love to do this do, but sadly I have stick straight hair! ...more»
Rain Boots Are A Must Have
Just like the title suggests, rain boots are a must have. Whether you live in CA where it rains about 20 times a year or Seattle where it rains every other day, you gotta get yourself a pair of rain boots. Why? Well, rainboots aren't JUST for the rain. Mary Kate Olsen wears them when she goes to Starbusks. And ...more»
Rachel Bilson – Where did you go?
Rachel Bilson was super popular when I was in college. She's still out there, but what has she done lately? I love her and think she has some of the best style and is such a good role model, not to mention she's a phenomenal actress. Who out there is with me when I say, SHE NEEDS TO MAKE A ...more»
Fashion Week with Rachel Bilson and Zac Posen
Well this is my first post about NYC Fashion week. Though I live in New York and fashion is all around me, I choose to pay attention to only the things I like. I'm not a big fan of all the high fashion designers because I don't think those clothes featured on the runways look good on anyone. Though, I ...more»
rachel bilson. she's awesome.
I grew up literally less than a mile from Rachel Bilson. She went to high-school within walking distance from my house. I really love her. She's beautiful and in pretty much every picture, she looks good. She's got great style and even when she wears a t-shirt and jeans, she looks good!! Who are your style icons? ...more»