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Wanna win some shoes?
Shop It To Me is doing this amazing giveaway.... yes, a pair of designer heels. All you have to do is refer the site to your friends. And let's be honest, if your friend already don't know about this site, perhaps they should anyway. And you could win some sweet heels out of it! Just click on the link below and ...more»
Tory Burch Pants –$100– Shop It To Me!
Just found this through Shop It To Me -- TORY BURCH PANTS ON SALE! $100! I think its very necessary to have a pair a nice black pants on hand. You never know when you're going to have to dress up (if not for work) for a nice dinner, party, social event. So, even if you never believe in black ...more»
5 Shopping Resolutions for the New Year
Hey guys! If you love shopping as much as me, then you'll know that simply cutting it out completely is not feasible. That's why I've compiled a list of 5 great shopping resolutions to keep you stylish while keeping your wallet happy. Here's a sneak peek: 1. Don’t Buy Unless You Love It – Many of us see the sale rack and low ...more»
Goodbye Recession, Just SHOP IT TO ME!
We're all slightly hurting from the recessions that's been going on for what seems like FOREVER! But, ladies, no matter how much or how little we make, we should still be stylish, right? That's where Shop It To Me comes in. You sign up on their site and check all your favorite designer brands and they send you emails with what's ...more»