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I Heart Coffee Bean!
One of the thing that I really missed about Los Angeles when moving to NYC was Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I have a small obsession with Coffee Bean. I think their coffee is the best. Even when I was unemployed, I still managed to scrounge together some change to get my coffee fix. And it's not cheap either! My ...more»
Edamame – Once You Pop, You Just Can't Stop
Edamame has recently become the most trendy snack-y food of our generation. Move over chips and salsa, Edamame is taking over! So what is so great about this little boiled soy snack? Well, first of all 1/2 cup daily gives you tons of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein - because you probably don't get enough of that with your daily diet. ...more»
Soothing candles by Way Out Wax
If you are like me, you LOVE candles. Not only do they look beautiful in a room, but they smell great! I am always looking for the best candles around town and I may have just found them. I just received a shipment of candles from Way Out Wax (based in Vermont), and upon opening the box the sweet aroma ...more»