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Going Out Clothes! What to wear?
This is an issue for me every Friday and Saturday night (and even sometimes Thursday nights). What to wear? I usually tell my friends that I need some "going out clothes." My closet is actually pretty sad. Everything in my close is "cute" or too work-ish. The problem is, when I actively try to look for something new, I NEVER ...more»
New Shoe Trend: Wedges
Is this really a new trend or is the "wedged" look just making it's way to the forefront of fashion again? They've been around -- In fact, I think I've have about 5 pairs in my closet. Yes, they are hands-down the most comfortable type of "heel" you could choose, but also give off a fun, flirty, casual vibe. My ...more»
Rompers – keep ’em or ditch ’em?
Rompers were all the rage last summer. They somewhat of a throwback to my childhood days when my mom used to dress me in rompers and jumpers.. oh, hell.. what's the difference anyway? But these ones are different. They are cute, shorter and have just the right amount of girly-ness without being too child-ish. So whaddya think? Still in? or ...more»
Boho Summer Dress… LOVE
I love this dress. It's not something that I'd really pick out when shopping per-se, but that's the beauty of online shopping. You can see how it looks on someone else and decide if this is something you'd wear. Yes, it's definitely something that I'd wear. I need to branch out of my normal, boring outfits and start shopping for ...more»
summery flowy dresses
I love summery flowy dresses just as much as the next girl for a variety of different reasons. They are casual enough to wear to the beach, you can dress them up at dinner, they hide your flaws and stomach, and they are super comfy. I am thinking about buying these dresses from Forever21.. if I can find my size. ...more»
too many dresses. too little time!
Ooooh. I am so excited for the days to warm up to 80 degrees. Yup, I'm a beach girl at heart and I hate wearing sweaters. I went shopping this weekend because I had a dress in mind that I wanted. Something simple, with capped sleeves, but not too tight and not slinky material. I wanted something that I could ...more»
I need a new tote bag.
I think I need a new tote bag for the summer. Plain and simple. After regretfully buying many cheap $20 tote bags, I've finally come to the realization that I want a tote bag that's soft, has a lot of pockets, fun and bright and has straps that are long enough to fit my arm through comfortably (with extra room). ...more»
brilliant buys!
I know that you've all heard of Forever21. It seems like they're having this brilliant buys thing going on where you can stock up on summer clothes for DIRT CHEAP. Check this out: SKINNY JEANS: $12.50.   THE PERFECT SUMMER DRESS:$11:50 FLOWY DRESS TOP: $6.50  ...more»
LuLu's super affordable, adorable online clothing store (*COUPON OFFER)
This morning I got an email from Ali from I am a big sucker for new online clothing sites (because let's face it.. in New York without a car - online shopping is a huge blessing!). I headed straight for the dress section because that's pretty much how I gauge a site on if I'd actually shop there or ...more»
Eggplant summery dress
I absolutely love this dress. And I love it even more for the fact that it's on sale for $29.99. I swear, sometimes its totally worth the wait, especially in this case. This is the perfect dress for summer!!! Plus, the color is beautiful!!! WOOHOO! (Getting out my credit card now...) ...more»