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Beachwear Cover-Ups
What do you cover-up with when you go to the beach? Probably shorts and a tank, or a sundress. But what if you're on vacation and you want to look nice and just a little stylish? Then, the tunic is your friend! I've searched high and low for some tunics for my Florida vacation coming up and I'd like your opinion ...more»
Bandeau Bikinis – The ultimate tan line!
So summer is here. Yay! And with summer comes laying out at the beach - bliss! And with that comes ugly tan lines. So, to avoid ugly tan lines, you gotta go bandeau. Lovin' this Starfish bandeau suit from Victoria's Secret. ThisĀ  bright striped bandeau suit is also pretty hot. And it's on sale! Score! This breezy dot underwire from J. Crew is ...more»
Cutest F'ing swimsuits.
..but you know that once you order them they will prob look nothing like the ad does. UGH Victoria's Secret... I hate you and love you at the same time! ...more»
The Awesomest Swimsuit!
I recently got back from the Dominican Republic and had the awesomest swimsuit ever. I got so many compliments on it and here's a little secret: I got it from HOLLISTER!!!! I bought it full price and its well worth it, however, its not on sale.... not even just the yellow that I have it in, but a ton of ...more»