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I love these BANDDIT boots by Steve Madden, but I do not love the price. Though, with all things Steve Madden, just gotta wait it out until the prices fall. I think one of the reasons I love this boot is that it’s loose and chill. Not so put together, but just kinda the boot […]

I live in Los Angeles and although we have things like the beach and Hollywood, there is one thing that we do not get. Seasons. Therefore, when it’s in the dead of winter, it’s still 60 degrees out… 70 if you’re lucky. Us Los Angeleans still, too, want to participate in the boots, jackets, scarfs, […]

It’s that time a year when you wake up in the morning and think, “what’s the weather going to be like?” Especially LA weather can be so unpredictable — 80 degrees one day then 50 degrees the next. Which is why I always keep a jacket on hand when I go to work. You never […]

I love to wear scarfs. I think it’s a great accessory to pull your outfit together while keeping your super cozy and warm, and we all know that I’m perpetually cold. I can’t wait to unpack all my stuff from storage and pull out the millions of scarfs that I own. Meanwhile, here are some […]

If you live in a cold climate city, like NYC or Boston, then you know that having a winter jacket is essential. Well not all of them are stylish and within your budget, but a Fashionista like yourself is gonna have to keep warm. Thankfully, The Budget Fashionista has got you covered, literally – they […]

Though I do admit that Los Angeles has some of the best weather in the world, I also recognize that it does get chilly. No, I’m not talking about 40 degrees (are you kidding??!). I’m talking about 60s and 70s. That’s cold for me. Which is why I love how Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge […]

Leave me a comment below and tell me which sweater I should purchase. Both are from Gap and both are within the $48-$54 range – not a huge difference. The grey sweater also comes in light greyish-purple. Since I opened my credit card at Banana Republic, I have had the urge to shop at their […]

With the cold season starting to loom over us, I guess it’s that time to take out the winter clothes. I love accessorizing, especially with gloves. Here are my top five favorite winter gloves of all time: 1. These Merona Cable armwarmers from target are a whopping $10.99 which makes them a great bargain. The […]

During the summer, I’d visit Urban Outfitters about 3 or 4 times a week. It didn’t help that I lived 2 blocks away from the store. Now that I’ve moved and the Summer turned to Winter, I don’t go there that often… and when I do, I haven’t been able to find anything good! Needless […]

Again… back to my shopping decisions. I tried on this really cute vest at american eagle and then i saw this really adorable hoodie. which should i buy? they are around the same price… help! i guess the jacket is more practical.. but a vest is practical too, right?